1. Sweet Rap About Alexander Hamilton. Lin-Maunel Miranda is one cool cat.

    Lin-Manuel MirandaAlexander HamiltonRap

  2. Ataraxia and Synethesia

    Personally, if I could have a “power” it would be one of these. To live without worry or any preoccupations would be, in my eyes, the closest thing to a truly free life. While I would like not to become preoccupied and worried, it is against my nature. Some might say I am relatively laid back, and I am at times. However, like most people I still have times of stress and worry. To not have these would be an amazing personal feeling. I think there would be drawbacks, but then again you wouldn’t be worrying about it would you?

    Synethesia, specifically tone synethesia would be amazing. Every time you hear a musical note, you see color. To see your favorite music while listening to it would be like a visualization you’ve never dreamed of.


  3. Two Quotes

    The quotes in my two previous posts are not only two of my favorite quotes, but oddly enough they are very connected. I’m pretty confident that the Oscar Wilde quote is driven from his life as a homosexual. Whenever people begin to talk about gay marriage, and whether they support it or not, I usually think I’m not against because it doesn’t really affect me. Plus, when looking at the reasons to be against it, like the sanctity of marriage and what not, I can’t help but thinking how ridiculous of an argument it is. Obviously just because you’re straight does not mean that you will keep the sanctity of marriage. Given the divorce rate and the oh so many other unholy things that happen in marriages around the country, why not allow gay marriage?

    The second quote blew my mind the first time I read it. Specifically, the final sentence. Just imagine if everyone was exactly like you and had the same religious beliefs or views on life. I would never have an interesting conversation again. Yet, many Conservatives want people to share their beliefs. Anyone who lives life differently and unlike how they believe it should be lived they look down on and are prejudice towards. What’s wrong with other people living life their way?

    Tom Robbinsskinny legs and allOscar WildeUniqueness

  4. “What a dull world this would be were we all alike. What an evolutionay dead end! To be brothers, to live in peace, we do not have to be overly similar. We do not have to admire or even like one another’s peculiarities. We need only respect those peculiarities-and to be grateful for them. Our similarities provide us with a common ground, but our differences allow us to be fascinated by one another. Differences give human encounters their snap and their fizz and their brew…”
    Tom Robbins (skinny legs and all)
  5. “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live”
    Oscar Wilde
  6. Song of the day!! (A Song For Our Fathers by Explosions In The Sky)  I love this song and this band for that matter. Explosions are definitely worth a listen. It is all instrumental, and considered sort of post-rock for those of you who need a genre. Their claim to fame is the majority of the Friday Night Lights movie soundtrack. I listen to them while studying and just relaxing, it is great for both.

    Explosions In The SkySong Of The DayMusic

  7. About Me…

    I’m 20 years of age and am currently attending college to become an electrical engineer. While to some this may sound like a boring profession, it is interesting to me. The way electricity and magnetism work together to do so many amazing things today is like magic; I just want to find out the trick behind the magic. So some say electrical engineer, but I say magician.

    On a day to day basis I enjoy playing my favorite sport of tennis (or nearly any other sport), playing the drums, listening to music and looking for new music to listen to, singing in my car, thinking of things I would buy if I didn’t put every dollar I earn into school (my first electric guitar, my second and much better drum kit, tools necessary to work on some DIY electronics projects, my own apartment), watching tv shows (How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, House, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, etc.), reading a broad range of books, staring at the sky, and pondering the many perplexing things of life.

    This is a picture of me in my house in the lovely city of Flint, MI where I attend school.

  8. Why start a blog?

    I decided to start a blog to share my ideas, interests, and to put a part of myself out there. Also, because it seems that when I am working during my co-op terms (Every 3 months I alternate between attending school and working) I have some free time. So, if you like tennis, drums, music in general, reading, singing in your car, and the many quirks of people and life around you, then tune in.